Birman Cattery Houston

Hello and welcome to our website, this is a new format so I may make a mess of it: We shall see. My name is Elizabeth Cherry. I work as a medical technologist, and together with my husband, Clay Hebert, raise and breed Birman cats. I also enjoy fishing for catfish, visiting with my grandson, and especially our cats.

We are a small birman cattery about two and a half hours northeast of Houston, Texas; we rarely attend cat shows but have a great time when we do. Talking to other cat lovers and breeders all day is my idea of fun, since most of my friends consider me the crazy cat lady. I am very new at this creating of a website so those with more knowledge I hope will overlook my blunders, and over time I expect to improve; at present it is a basic site with contact information and later (I hope) lots of pictures, and updates of happenings at Birmancatz. Birmans are a wonderful breed and I will enjoy sharing our  experiences.

Here are some photos of some of our previous kings and queens, now all living with their forever families.