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I have been breeding birmans since the late 90’s and love the birman breed. While I seldom show my cats I strive to achieve the beauty of the birman standard in my offspring as well as maintain the wonderful birman personality the breed is known for. I hope you enjoy your visit with us.

AUGUSt 2020

New arrivals

We have had six 2020 kittens ready to leave for their forever home, Five of them are pictured on the kitten page.I will be adding photos of Roxanne, a seal point girl, soon.

Young adults and retirees.

We have three young adult  birmans that need their forever home as well as an older “senior citizen” retired  queen Ima chocolate lynx point.. Paisley is a seal point girl and Penelope is blue cream: both born in 2018  . There is also Peaches, that started out as as red but has developed a coat that is blue cream tortie: ..I will be 74 this year and have to reduce the number of cats here.

Are you looking for a great companion without going through the “kiiten stage”…..? Contact us! We  have  adult cats and retirees needinga forever home. See our adult and retiree page.